Story of our shop

We are a long-standing local hardware store dealing with forging blades by hand.  We were established 70 years ago in Tateyama, at the southern tip of the Boso Peninsula in Chiba prefecture, Japan.  This area has warm tempurtures throughout the year.
The founder, Souichi Tanaka set foot here in Tateyama with only a map at a young age as a peddler of Echizen Teuchi Hamono (hand forged bladed tools) from Fukui in 1951, soon after the war. He went around to  farmers carrying his wicker trunk full of bladed tools on his back.

Father’s cigarette case

Later, his daughter and son-in-law, Yoshio and Akemi operated the store “Tanaka Soichi Shoten”.
“Tanaka Originals” sharp edged forged blades are displayed in the shop.
It is one of our shop’s characteristics that we have developed easy-to-use blades responding to the needs of our customers.
For example, “Ajikiri Houchou” is a kitchen knife for cutting Horse mackerel. “Carnation Hasami” are scissors exclusively used by carnation flower farmers. “Sotetsu Kama” is a sickle for cutting Cycads and so on.
You can find regional and exceptional tools particular to the local area.
In addition, Fair Trade products are handled by Akemi:chocolate, coffee, ice-cream, organic cotton clothes…etc.
You will enjoy finding your own treasure for your daily life from a good selection in our shop.
The exciting section “Japanese masterpieces” is also available in “Tanaka Soichi Shoten”.
We very much look forward to seeing you in our shop.